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4 self-care tips for moms

As a busy parent, it can seem impossible to make time for self-care – even more challenging for moms who have little or no support at home. Carrying the mental load of looking after kids, managing a busy household, nurturing your adult relationships and staying on top of your career can steal your energy and your mental bandwidth, leaving little time for self-care.

It’s just not sustainable over the long-run and can leave you feeling exhausted, resentful and burned out.

You may not believe it, but it IS possible – and important – to set aside time each week that’s just for you. Moms need self-care! Taking moments to rest, have fun and focus on yourself can go a long way to help you recharge and feel more fulfilled and happier in your life. Here are some tips to get you started.

Drop the mom guilt
Women are taught to always put the needs of others ahead of their own, which can prevent many moms from taking solo time for themselves. It’s time to drop the unhealthy ideal of being a perfect mom and understand that practising self-care is good for you and good for your kids. In fact, it actually makes you a better parent. Taking time to recharge and focus on yourself can help you become happier, more patient and present for your kids. You’ll also show your kids that fun and enjoyment are important parts of life.

Make it routine
Self-care doesn’t happen on its own. You’ve got to put time aside and make it happen. But don’t worry – even little acts of self-care can help decrease the feelings of exhaustion and stress that mothers often feel, especially if you’ve got young kids in your care. Try to start small – do a 10-minute yoga class on YouTube, schedule yourself a coffee date with a good book or start a simple morning skin-care routine.

Find the right mix
Think about tapping into things that make you feel good, that calm your mind or that energize you, including sports, hobbies or creative activities. It could be going for a walk twice a week, heading to the community pool or having a regular lunch date with friends. Socializing with friends counts as self-care. In fact, having a friend tag along means you’ll be less likely to cancel your plans. Make it as important as a health-care appointment – you’ve set the time aside and you need to show up!

Lean on others
Accept help from others to help free up your time. Have your partner, friend or a babysitter watch the kids and don’t feel guilty for making yourself a priority. Be upbeat and positive and share with your kids how excited you are to be heading out for the activity – remember, you’re modelling healthy behaviour for them.

Let’s face it – your health and well-being set the tone for your kids and the rest of your family. That’s another reason why self-care needs to be part of your routine. Being happy and healthy means you can help guide your kids in the same direction. Taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury, it’s a key part of being a mom.

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