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Why hundreds of Nova Scotians are taking a minute to say “Thanks Doc!”

Each year, we collect and share hundreds of heartfelt thank-you notes from Nova Scotians to their doctor.Click here to send a thank-you note to your doctor.

On May 1, we celebrate Doctors’ Day, a day to recognize the vital contributions of our doctors.

Nova Scotia’s doctors are here for you

Every day in Nova Scotia, doctors provide more than 28,000 services to patients. Whether in a community clinic, emergency room, long-term care facility, operating room or in the comfort of your own home, Nova Scotia’s doctors provide high-quality patient care when and where patients need it most.

Our doctors aren’t just healers. They are mentors and teachers, researchers, surgeons and counsellors. They work in community clinics and hospitals, and teach at Dalhousie Medical School. Some lead the country through medical innovation and technology. They’re also mothers and fathers, friends and neighbours, coaches of youth sport teams and community volunteers.

“Dr. Norah Mogan is a great doctor, an attentive mother, a supporter of her community and a person with a big heart and a caring soul. What luck that she chose Liverpool to set up practice. Thank you Dr. Mogan for your care and concern.” — Wanda Baron

Every day, Nova Scotia’s doctors put patients first

“Dr. Finlay Spicer took on the care of our family since our return to Nova Scotia approximately two years ago. He is a very hard working, caring and genuine physician who puts his patients needs first. During a recent family loss, Dr. Spicer was there for all members of my family to walk us through a most difficult process. I could not have asked for a better person taking care of my personal needs and those of my children, spouse and mother. He’s one of the good ones!” – David Ing

For Nova Scotia’s doctors, health care is about more than just treating illness and disease

It’s about the unique relationship shared between a patient and their doctor. In fact, many physicians say the most important ingredient in patient care is the trusting relationship they share with their patients.

“I met Dr. Fiona McGrath back in 2010. She is probably the most caring doctor I have ever met! I was an international student so the transition was not easy for me but Dr. McGrath helped me every step of the way. I remember I had depression and my insurance wouldn’t cover me and she saw me at a time like that free of charge. She helped me with everything, even saw me during her lunch times sometimes. She never hesitated to go the extra mile for me. Over the last four years she had become somewhat of a mother figure for me. I respect her immensely! I know I wasn’t able to say it to her upfront, but Dr. McGrath, it’s because of you I have graduated today with cum laude. If one day I can pay it forward by helping someone as much as you helped me, I’d consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world. I will never forget anything that you have done for me. You’re the best!” — Raisa Mahru

Join us in sharing gratitude for Nova Scotia’s dedicated physicians

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Click here to send a thank-you note to your doctor


Doctors’ Day was first recognized as the official day of appreciation for Nova Scotia’s medical profession in 2013. May 1 was selected as Doctors’ Day to mark the birthday of Canada’s first female physician, Dr. Emily Stowe.