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Doctors Nova Scotia Recognizes Accomplishments of Six Extraordinary Physicians

Every year at the Doctors Nova Scotia Annual Conference, several outstanding doctors are recognized for their dedication to improving health care in Nova Scotia.

Whether it’s through health promotion and preventative care, community work, professional longevity, the development of policy and procedures within the medical field or the implementation of programs in rural areas – these physicians go above and beyond to better the lives of those living right here in Nova Scotia. 

Dr. Mandat Maharaj – Distinguished Service Award 

In addition to being one of the most prestigious awards presented on behalf of the association, the Distinguished Service Award is given to a physician who has made an outstanding contribution to the medical profession and as a result, has helped many by raising the standards of the medical practice.

Described as a physician who works tirelessly to provide “superb” neurological consultation services to patients in addition to administering professional development sessions for local physicians, Dr. Mandat Maharaj has successfully set up and implemented a complete Neurology service at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital which includes Electrophysiology, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke services, a botox clinic as well as a local and provincial Continued Medical Education courses in Neurology.

Dr. Robert Sers – Rural Physician of the Year Award

The Rural Physician of the Year Award is presented to a rural physician who has made an outstanding contribution to the health of individuals, to various community groups and/or to non-profit organizations in rural communities of Nova Scotia.

Dr. Robert Sers from Antigonish, Nova Scotia is this year’s recipient. His passion for patient care led him to his greatest career achievement to date when he started a screening project in Antigonish for colorectical cancer. He collaborated with the nursing faculty at Saint Francis Xavier University (St. FX) to bring the program to life. Eventually rolled out as a provincial program, Dr. Sers was able to successfully develop and implement this life-saving program.

Dr. Leisha Hawker – Dr. William Grigor Award

Dr. William Grigor was the first President of Doctors Nova Scotia. Widely recognized for his contribution to the early developments of a public hospital, the Dr. Wiliam Grigor Award is presented to a physician under the age of 50 who has made an outstanding contribution benefiting the health of Nova Scotians.

While still early in her career, Dr. Leisha Hawker has consistently displayed a great commitment to the delivery of quality health care to Nova Scotians. As the original founder of the student-run organization, Dalhousie Aboriginal Health Interest Group, Dr. Hawker was is a dedicated advocate for aboriginal health. Later, as the Dalhousie Global Health Advocate for the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, a young Dr. Hawker drafted a position paper on the status of Aboriginal health which was later adopted by the International Federation of Medical Student Associations.

Now a family doctor in Halifax, Dr. Hawker continues to be a strong and influential voice for those truly in need by recently helping to establish the Halifax Transitional Health Clinic for Refugees in 2014 and working with Direction 180, a methadone clinic in Halifax, to provide care and services to those suffering from mental health and addictions.

Dr. Peter Green – Physician Health Promotion Award

The Physician Health Promotion award is given to a physician who has made an outstanding contribution to health promotion, safety and preventative care among Nova Scotians.

Passionate and enthusiastic about health promotion and legislation, Dr. Peter Green is currently the chair of the Sun Safe Nova Scotia Coalition and has been since 2010. Fighting to reduce skin damage from ultraviolet light, and as a result reduce skin cancer, Dr. Green was instrumental in the lobbying process that forced the Nova Scotia Legislature to pass a bill that bans the use of tanning beds to those under the age of 19.

Dr. Ormille Aubrey Hayne – Doctors Nova Scotia Senior Membership Award

The Senior Membership Award is presented to a physician who in addition to practicing for many years, is also widely respected and held in high regard by his or her fellow physicians throughout the medical community and the province.

Dr. Ormille Aubrey Hayne has been practicing medicine for nearly 50 years. As the most senior haematologist currently practicing in Nova Scotia, Dr. Hayne is admired by many of his medical colleagues both professionally and personally. After practicing for almost four decades, Dr. Hayne is currently a part-time haematologist and part-time associate professor at Capital Health and the Department of Medicine at Dalhousie University’s Medical School. With no signs of slowing down, Dr. Hayne continues to astound his colleagues and students with his knowledge, curiosity and unwavering service.

Dr. R. Allan Purdy – CMA Honorary Membership Award

The recipient of the Canadian Medical Associaiton’s Honorary Membership Award has well established themselves in their medical careers by making significant contributions to their profession and wider community. Doctors Nova Scotia is entitled to only three honorary members a year and honorary members will enjoy all the rights and privileges of the association.

This year, Dr. Allan Purdy received the Honorary Membership Award for his dedicated service to general and neurological medicine. Dr. Purdy is a local, regional, national and international expert in neurology, specifically headache management and investigation.

Described as a “well rounded individual, clinician and educator,” Dr. Purdy embraces his role as a health care leader by participating in committee work and serving as head of the Department of Medicine and chief of medical services of the Department of Medicine at Dalhousie University and (what was) Capital District Health Authority.

 Doctors Nova Scotia is thrilled to take this opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary personal and medical achievements of these six Nova Scotian physicians.

Congratulations to all of these deserving recipients!

Would you like to recognize the extraordinary care your doctor provides? Leave a comment below and tell us what makes your doctor special!

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