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Doctors Want Improved Access To Primary Care

Access to primary care is a major concern for doctors and many Nova Scotians.

Nova Scotia doctors believe that everyone must have timely access to primary care in their communities. Whether patients live in a rural community, or in a downtown core, being able to receive care from a family physician is essential to a good quality of life.

Every Nova Scotian needs a family doctor. But we know that many Nova Scotians are without one.

 A shortage of general practitioners, rural recruitment and retention challenges, and increased demands on the health-care system due to chronic disease and an aging population are among the reasons why many Nova Scotians are without a family doctor.

Reality Check

The province’s physician resource plan identified the need to recruit and retain more family doctors to the province, especially in rural areas. According to the plan, close to one‐third of the 1,983 full‐time equivalent physician workforce will retire or relocate in the next 10 years.

Eighty-six per cent (86%) of residents and students surveyed by Doctors Nova Scotia indicated working in a team environment, such as with other physicians, family practice nurses or nurse practitioner, is important to them.

88% of residents and students surveyed by Doctors Nova Scotia indicated access to an electronic health record is an important factor in practising medicine.

To address access to primary care challenges, doctors are calling on the candidates in this election to:

What can you do? 

Talk to your candidates today about health-care issues such as improved access to primary care. Use and share the information you’ve learned here with candidates, family and friends.

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